Top Merits of Integrated Software System

If you want your business to grow at a rapid rate, your business application software needs to be integrated within a single business process and database. The merits of using an integrated software system are varied, including improvement in business productivity and high-cost savings. Check out some of the top merits of an integrated software system.

Any business user can innovate

Since the implementation of process change is very rapid, the business users can easily apply their individual functional expertise for customizing applications and processes in such a manner that there is an improvement in performances. On the other hand, IT is free to concentrate on crucial initiatives, which can add tremendous value to the business’ bottom line by creating value-added and innovative solutions.

Super fast growth

When a business deploys an integrated software solution, the speed with which business expansion can take place across multiple sites and extra sales channels are very fast. That is because there is a unification of accounting and order management data and processes. Both upselling and cross-selling can be done more efficiently by the companies to the existing client base since they get improved visibility.

Significant savings in cost and IT time

Since there will be no need for the IT to get, install, procure and maintain various systems and their integration, the operation cost comes down drastically as IT can now spend more time to improve the existing business operations.

Increase of process efficiency throughout the organization

An organization has many key business processes that one may come across in daily operations like financial consolidation, expense approval, cash collections, invoicing, fulfillment and order management among others. When such processes are automated, you need not spend your resources for new hires, which would have otherwise been needed for managing that process. Rather, the existing staff can be redeployed to more important and high-value activities for helping your business to grow and innovate.

Visibility gets improved dramatically

If the top management wants to make well-informed and timely decisions, real-time visibility is quite crucial. If there is an instant accessibility of information from practically anywhere and there is no wastage of resources while tying and extracting data from various data sources together, it becomes easier for the employees to make faster, more accurate and better-informed decisions.


At present, integrated software solutions and enterprise resource planning for business is changing the way organizations run and also help them to minimize growing pains.