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erpFew years ago, with increase in complexity of business development tools such as computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing that are simply termed as CAD and CAM, business processes were even well managed but management of technical documents remains still difficult. Almost each and every company deal with large information every day and it can be in the form of hard copy as well as soft one. The major requirement of every organisation is to keep proper flow of this information between all departments as well as customers. Because scattered information lead to errors, delays and conflicts that is why SAP document management system was developed so that every part of information can be located at perfect place and can be accessed easily whenever needed.

SAP Document Management systems offer following advantages:

  1. You can link document management to computerised production and development systems so that problem of data redundancy can be easily avoided with improved data consistency and minimized workload over information updates.
  2. Every organisation has large database that is required to be accessed at different times from different locations, sap business objects offers you easy data exchange options with improved security. You are allowed to access information immediately using simple electronic search tools that can find data immediately. Users can also make use of internet to display or search documents from centralised system thus it reduces overall workload that usually affects our routine tasks.
  3. Document Management system can be used to distribute documents automatically as well as manually depending upon need of company processes. This process ensures every minute business update to external partners as well as responsible employees.
  4. It enables check out and checks in for every document as per requirement.
  5. Just for perfect tracking of every document, sap a1 document management consists of multiple versions and parts of every document.
  6. It forms perfect index for all stored documents so that comprehensive search can avail instant results.
  7. DMS organises all business documents in hierarchical and structured method.
  8. You can easily distribute documents among apposite stakeholders either using SAP automatic workflow or by manual processes. Note that DMS also controls complete accessibility of documents for admissible stakeholders only so that information remains secure from unauthorised hands.
  9. ERP software manages complete information in very intelligent and comprehensive manner so that users can take maximum benefits with document management.
  10. It offers high performance management functions for every system document so that information flow can be regulated for entire life cycle.

If you have already installed SAP-ERP software in your organisation, you can implement Document management system in standalone manner without any trouble; but if you are still searching for business management solutions it is time to move towards Enterprise Resource Planning Singapore to implement SAP-DMS for your company at the same time. These modules will improve overall business growth with complete data management. This system is easier to operate and has huge benefits for all medium and small level business organisations.