How has ERP software revolutionized business?

Business scenario:

Every organization has two sides, one is the external side and one is the internal side. The external side is mainly about clients, procuring more business and revenue. It is all about having an idea of the requirement of the client, preparing an organized project plan for the client, negotiating with the client about the fees and deadline and getting it approved by the latter, forming a team of talented and skilled resources to handle the project and last but not the least, ensuring timely delivery of the project deliverables. Following this process step by step, will ensure that the client is satisfied. The happiness of the client will bring more work for the company. This in turn will increase the revenue and help the business grow.

One must keep in mind that for the external processes to run smoothly, there has to be a cohesive functioning of the internal processes. In order to give a clear picture, lets site an example. Just imagine that you work in an organization and due to a stringent deadline you worked extra hours to ensure timely delivery of a project. However, if at the end of the month you do not receive your salary on time because the payroll team forgot to process it, it would make you feel completely demotivated. This in turn will have a very negative impact upon your work. Thus one must keep in mind that the internal processes are as important as the external ones.

Internal processes include operation, supply chain, finance, human resource management and admin. These processes are divided into various departments. These departments keep a lot of data stored that are in turn used by the other departments for their use.

ERP management:

Earlier all these processes used to be done with the help of pen and paper and by different departments. There was not cohesive and compact way of collating all the data. This entire processes of storing data has been revolutionized with the coming of erp software singapore . Enterprise resource planning software helps to store the data in one platform. Hence there is one repository of data that can be used by different departments as per their needs. This is crucial as it does not let different departments work in siloes and this increases the unity in the organization as they function as one unit in the company. This is one major way in which ERP software has revolutionized business.