Do You Want To Master The Advanced Excel In 3 Days – This Is For You

Microsoft Excel has become an essential software program in the today’s workplace. The increasing usage of the program is creating a requirement to learn this software program across the globe by many employees. Also, most of the companies today making it a must-learn tool for getting hired. It is not that only business and people at workplace are using this software for performing various functional related tasks but also depends on the support of Microsoft Excel in making decisions related to analysing a business.

Why learn it?

The process of learning is a never ending procedure in the entire tenure of working cycle. In the demands that are made by the profession one is in, it is always a good choice of learning the new things at every phase of the profession. This not only helps in keeping the job secured but also helps in growing and making wise choices required for the career. Getting a certification in the Advanced Excel Training can actually help boosting the career and can make a path for the success. With the smartest formulas became the Excel smart and advanced that can keep the data on the finger tips and play with it.

Course Overview

The advanced excel training program is a 3 day duration program that starts from 9 in the morning and completes at 6 in the evening. The course fee depends on the course module, version and pace. For example if a learner opted for the learning of Advanced Excel in a normal pace which is 3 days the Nett course fee needed to be paid is $535. The course is designed in 13 modules.

Each module helps in learning new concepts that helps moving from the basic and intermediate skills to gaining advanced conceptual knowledge. Funding is also available for learners and can be opted as per the eligibility. The funding is segmented as citizens of Singapore whose age is more than 40, more than 35 and earning less than $1900 per month, SME and Permanent resident.

Course modules

The module starts by concentrating on formatting with the usage of customs and conditions, and then helps on how to use a template. The ability to work on databases and advanced filters helps in revising various features to chart the data. After this the sessions will be taken on audit tools as well as the range names with which to export and import data becomes easy. After this session more usage of tools which advanced are introduced with real scenarios and problems. The last four modules help on protecting the worksheet, merging as well as tracking the workbooks, macros recording and finally the comments.