Strategic Ways to Get the Most Out of Mobile App Development Platforms

As a business owner, it is important that you keep abreast with the trends in your industry and new technologies that can help promote your business and better satisfy the needs of your customers. A few years back, businesses in basically every industry saw the importance of having a website and started leveraging it to build customer relationship, improve shopping experience, and skyrocket their revenue.

Today, everyone is turning towards mobile apps because a huge amount of their customer base is mobile phone users. This means that if you invest in one, you are likely going to have more customers and make more sales. That being said, you need to keep in mind that the outlook and the performance of your mobile app can make or break your business. Just as a poorly designed website, loaded with misleading information and a confusing layout can get customers frustrated, a poorly made app can hurt your credibility.

If you know nothing about mobile apps, you may think they are difficult to make. Well, that was true a few years ago when app developers have to spend endless hours writing codes and programs. Well, a lot has changed over the last couple of years. Today, there are now tools and systems that can help anyone build a mobile app with ease:

The following article by Salesforce shed light on some strategic ways to get the most out of any app development platform.

Untap the Full Potential of Mobile Application Development Platforms

Remember way back, when not every business had their own website? If so, you know it’s important to stay on top of the technology when it comes to the promotion of your business. The latest method to ensure you’re reaching the next generation is having a mobile app for your business. Read more here.

You likely now know how to get the most of an app development platform and how to know if a platform will be able to bring your ideas to life. As you probably know, no two-app development platform is completely the same. While some are great and offers a lot of exciting features, others are overly complicated.

The following article by Miguel Lopes unveils some of the best mobile app development platforms.

Best Mobile App Development Platforms for 2019

Choosing the right mobile development technology isn’t a quick or easy process. With such a broad offering of development platforms, it’s easy to get lost. It all depends on your business goals, on your budget, and even on your resources. Read more here.  

You surely now know some of the best app development platforms that most app developers are using. Since they are top-rated, it is likely going to cost you a few hundred dollars to use them. Don’t let the fees of these platforms deter you from using them because mobile apps are critical to the success of any business.

The following article by completewebgraphics explains why mobile apps development is important.

Why Mobile Apps Development Is So Important These Days?

Before starting about why Mobile Apps Development is important, let’s take a basic concept about it. Mobile Application Development is a process of software development for different kind of operating systems. Read more here.

You surely now know why a lot of small and large businesses are investing in a mobile app and some compelling reasons why you should too. Keep in mind that businesses that aren’t leveraging it are likely going to struggle and will eventually die out in years to come.

Final note

Let’s face it; a mobile app is the future of businesses in basically any industry. Since a good number of people are using mobile phones to do everything from making a purchase online to visiting their favorite social media platform, it is a smart business move to invest in a mobile app that can help enhance in-store shopping experience, manage loyalty programs, and increase engagement with customers, just to name a few.

There is no better time to act than now. So, take action today and invest in a mobile app. Of course, doing this may cost you a few bucks, but it will go a long way in boosting sales, increasing revenue, and above all, take your business to the next level.

A Complete Guide to Making your First Mobile App

So, you have finally made the decision to make an app for your business. Well, the next challenge you are likely going to face is figuring out how to build one. If you don’t have a solid technical background or don’t know much about mobile apps, you are surely going to be worried.

Don’t despair if that is the case as there are special platforms you can use to put an app together without stressing yourself out. Keep in mind that you don’t need to learn anything about programming or have coding experience to get the most out of these platforms.

If you haven’t used an app development platform before, you may conclude that you won’t be able to use them and may even be considering hiring an app development company. Well, that may not really be a good idea especially if you are on a tight budget. The best course of action, therefore, is to take a leap of faith and try out these platforms, you won’t regret it.


The following article by thinkmobiles shed light on some of the best app development software platforms.

Top-20 app development software platforms

Are you considering making your own mobile app, but have a limited budget? Contracting a development company requires big money, and there are literally thousands of them, so how do you choose? Luckily, creating an app now does not necessarily require huge investments, Read more here.

You likely now know some 20 apps development software, and how much it is going to cost you to use them. Whether you have a solid technical background or not, you may need some help to get the most out of these platforms and learn a few things about app development.

The following article by Wikipedia shed light on some important things you need to learn about mobile app development.

 Mobile app development

Mobile app development is the act or process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, or mobile phones. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacturing platforms Read more here.

You surely now know a thing or two about mobile app development and some of the best mobile app development tools on the market right now. Even with all these, you may still need a step by step guide showing everything you need to do and steps you need to take to put together a decent app that your customers will love.

The following article by Priya Viswanathan is basically a step by step guide to making a mobile app.

How to Develop Mobile App Software

Developing a mobile app is indeed no joke. While app programming can sometimes present the biggest problem to mobile app developers, ensuring the success of your app in the mobile app marketplace is yet another big hurdle to cross. Read more here.

You definitely now know how to build a mobile app for your business, some challenges you are going to encounter when building it, and some strategic ways to scale through them. Regardless of the type of app you want or the industry you are in, your goal shouldn’t be to make an app you love but to make one that will make the life of your customers easier.

Final note

Consistent action is a valuable key to business success. Taking action may mean everything from upgrading the products you sell or investing in a good app that will make the life of your customers easier and many more.

The reason why most businesses struggle is that their owners or managers aren’t abreast with the trends in their industry.

Today, businesses in every industry, be it small or large are leveraging mobile apps to boost sales, increase productivity, and take the shopping experience of their customers to the next level. So, if you aren’t using one, you are missing out.

How to manage crowd in an office building?

The rise in corporate space

The world is getting digitally revolutionized. There has been a rise in corporate spaces all over the world.

These corporate spaces comprise huge acres of land with tall buildings sprawling over a few hundred acres.

These buildings are mostly multistoried high rises which go up to even thirty to forty storeys.

Often one finds corporate hubs with several such buildings functioning in one corporate hub.

One thing is quintessential in these corporate spacesthat is, a robust and well maintained system of lifts that can function even during power cuts.

Lifts are important because it is impossible to climb up stairs to the fortieth floor!

Each floor in these building can house more than hundred people, sometimes going up to as high as five hundred people.

Hence it goes without saying that there are long queues outside the lift every morning!

You shall find queues often going outside the building lobby into the compound in the morning

when people start coming in for work. Also during evening, while going home, finding an

empty lift becomes a mammoth task for those employees who are housed in a relatively lower storey.

Lift and queue management

To manage these long queues outside lifts an effective queue management system needs to be in place.

Imagine if there was no queue management and everybody tried to get into the lift at the same

timethere would a major stampede leading to a big accident and some very unpleasant experience.

Hence it is very important that each building has a proper building management system in place.

Now what is a building management system? It is computer-based control system in a building that monitors the electrical and mechanical equipment in a building.

It is in charge of the power system, lift system, security, lighting and ventilation.

Hence it becomes a part of the building management system to manage the queues in the morning and evening and even during the days.

There are staffs assigned in each building to take care of the queue management in these buildings. Had it not been for them,

it would be difficult to manage the crowd in these building as thousands of people work in these buildings every single day.

They often come up with innovative methods to manage queues in offices. One of them is dividing the queue into twoone for each side of the lifts,

so that the crowd can move simultaneously and there is lesser loss time. Secondly queues are divided as per lifts as some lifts only stop on some floors.

This is a very effective queue management process as this way the lifts too can be utilized completely.

This method is particularly handy during evenings when everybody is trying to avail the lift.

If some lifts are assigned to particular floors then people from every floor can avail the lift at the same time and there shall be less wait time.

Better crowd management

A building functions more effectively if there is better crowd management.

An employee who has to wait a lesser amount of time standing in a queue, gets more time to invest in his work.

As there is less loss of energy, there is better productivity from that employee.

Also standing longer in a queue can be quite a frustrating experience that often spoils the mood to works

and can be quite a dampener to start work early in the morning.

Another reason why effective queue management is needed is to maintain the security in a building.

As many people enter these buildings it is important to know who is entering and for what purpose.

How does queue management ensure effective time management?

Where do you need queue management?

The answer to this question is very simple wherever there is a queue, you need queue management in the buildings . Some place where one needs effective queue management are banks, educational institutes, retail stores and even corporate hubs. In banks there is a large number of footfall during peak working hours and often customers have to wait for long hours in the queue, in educational institutes students often stand in long queues to pay their fees or collect their admit cards, in retail stores too you find long queues at the billing countershence these places need good

What are the different types of queues?

It is very difficult to define a queue. However, you can often define and segregate the different types of queues. The types of queues are:

Structured queue: in a structured queue people form queues in a structured and predictable position. Example of structured queue will be security check point in an airport, retail store billing counters, banks.

Unstructured queue: an unstructured queue is one which is unpredictable and can form in varying locations and directions. Such queues can be seen outside ATMs and taxi queues. While at one point there might be a long queue with a huge demand, at other times there may be no queue at all.

Mobile queue: this type of queue let customers know the real-time queue data on their mobile phones. They can select the reason why they want to visit the store from the online menu option and without waiting in the queue area can avail their service.

These are some of the types of queues. However, managing these queues can be quite a task. Another question that is often asked is, why does one need to manage the queues? One major reason is time management.

Time management and queue management

One of the ways in which your time can be wasted is by standing in long queues in banks, retail stores, lines for elevators in office, long taxi lines and even outside ATMs. Effective queue management leads to effective time management, and effective time management leads to better customer experience. There are various ways in which you can improve the queue management system to ensure good customer experience:

Developing a queue management system- this is one way in which you can drastically improve customer experience by reducing their wait time. The queue management system should be simple and self-explanatory that can improve operational efficiency and customer experience by reducing wait time. One of the best and most intuitive queue management system is through a token or ticket that the customer can track. Using an app on a smart phone (used by many banks and retail stores) to track ones ticket is one of the most effective ways of queue management in the recent past.

Another way of effective time management and better customer experience is through a well trained staff base that can quickly cater to the needs of the customers. Also, make sure your staff walk around the waiting area to ensure that they have one to one communication with the customers to give them an idea as to when their wait will be over and listen and answer the customers queries.

Also, make sure that the queues are in a single file that can be managed easily. The customers should have no doubt regarding who comes after whom. Apart from this, ensure that there are multiple cash drawers to make the queue move faster and more efficiently.

Following these methods can make sure that there is effective time management.

Reasons for Popularity of Self-Service Kiosks

Many of you may not be aware of what an automated kiosk is, in fact, a self-service store, which has years of advanced technologies for dispensing goods or services. It uses a touch screen for its user interface, and is controlled by a server located inside the unit. Price management, investors management, data collection and digital signage are various aspects of operating such an automated store, which a web-based dashboard manages. On the other hand merchandising and support are done at a local level.

But why use an automated kiosk? Retailers and other utilities may find a huge volume of in-person payments both cumbersome and costly without a self-service kiosk. Workers are required to be hired for making sales and providing services to the customers. Providing personal service for bill payment could be extremely expensive as well as less than efficient, especially even better alternatives are available like bill pays kiosks in the retail environments. Check out some of the top reasons for using self-service kiosks.

1. Your customers have shorter waiting times than waiting in the queue. Waiting in long queues for hours can be a big torture for any customer. When you provide an easy and fast way for your customers to use a self-service kiosk for paying their bills can drastically lower the waiting time for them.

2. Customers can enjoy an improved experience with a access control system

Many retail companies spend ample resources, energy and time to make sure that their employees are well-trained for delivering an excellent service to the customers purchasing their services or products, Additionally using workers for accepting payments can be highly time-consuming and can even generate a negative experience, deploying a self-service kiosk will ensure an effortless and clear way for the customers for their bill payment. There are many retail self-service kiosks that come with multi-lingual options thus improving customer experience further.

3. Your employees can become more productive

When your employees are not engaged with the time-consuming tasks of processing payments, they have time to focus more on service and sales tasks. A self-service kiosk can thus make your employees more productive and efficient. The result is satisfied customers who will be loyal to your brand and will definitely return to you in the future for their future needs. The fear of standing hours in the queue to reach the cash counter does not exist when a retail company installs its self-service kiosks at strategic locations.

From the above discussion, it is obvious that a self-service kiosk is an excellent tool in the hands of retail businesses for saving their precious time and money and improving the experience of their in-store customers,

To know more about self-service kiosks, visit OR RSVP now.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition – The Latest in Artificial Intelligence Technology

Every vehicle in this world is identified by a unique number plate, along with an engine number and a chassis number. The registration of the said vehicle is mandatory in almost all countries across the world, with the governing authority issuing number plates, while the chassis number and engine number is provided by the manufacturer. For common people as well as law enforcement agencies across the world, the easiest way to identify a vehicle is through its number plate.

The use of automatic number plate recognition can provide multiple benefits to organizations that seek to provide an automated process of managing vehicles. Given below are some of the unique uses for this technology that has the potential to transform automotive safety and security.

Law Enforcement – Number plate recognition technology can be one of the most beneficial for law enforcement agencies worldwide. It provides an automated tracking of vehicles plying the street, and can swiftly find out the details of vehicles causing infractions and other offences. Moreover, with the use of automation, lesser number of traffic policemen can be deployed, and resources used elsewhere to maintain law and order.

Fleet Management – A large number of organizations, from taxi companies to schools have their own fleet of vehicles. Number plate recognition technology can help these organizations manage their fleet easily. The system can track vehicles moving in and out of their respective depot, with the date and time of their movement being stored in a single database. This data can be used for a variety of purposes – from inventory management of vehicles, to utilization reporting, to route management.

Security – A lot of places require greater security for vehicles moving in and out of the premises together with the iris recognition system for private usage . These places can be anything from residential complexes to shopping malls to office buildings. The technology helps to identify vehicles that have entered into the premises, or are going out of the premises. This data can be further used for a large number of uses. For residential complexes, it can be used to know the details of the vehicles for policing purposes in case of criminal and other nefarious activities. For office complexes and commercial establishments, it can be used to track the available parking space, as well as create smoother parking area inventory management to ensure that customers can easily park their vehicles and leave the premises.

Logistics – A large number of logistics organizations operate on a dual basis. They maintain their own fleet of vehicles, as well as hire third-party vehicles and vehicle operators to provide them with services. Number plate recognition can revolutionize how vehicles are being utilized, with accurate tracking of first-party and third-party vehicles, as well as management of their invoices in an automatic fashion, without the need for human intervention.

With a large number of systems being automated to ease pressure on human-dependent systems, an automated system such as automatic number plate recognition is an important part of the interconnected and data-driven world of the new millennium. With the rise in artificial intelligence and automation, automatic number plate recognition is an important technology that has a lot of promise to deliver efficient and safe management of vehicles worldwide.

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Four Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Implementing a POS in Singapore

Picking the right POSz for your business can be a very difficult task. This could be the reasons why that over 60 percent of single store businesses and restaurants do not have a POS. However, picking a POS system is just the first step, and your business still needs to start using it.

Implementing a POS should be a delicate process. However, most business owners set up the system and do not train their staff to use all of its features. Here are the mistakes to avoid when you are implementing a POS system.

1. Not Engaging With Staff at the Start of Selection Process

The success of a POS starts before the software is selected; for instance, if the software meets the needs of your employees. You should take the time to sit down with all your employees and ask them what they think needs to be improved. These pain points should be used to create a list of needs for the POS software.

2. Not Having Security Measures Set up at the Beginning

For many business owners, having the POS in place is the most important part of the process. However, this focus can leave holes in your systems security, which could cause you a lot of money in the long run. Security measures like what information is stored and for how long should be set before your employees start using the system.

Along with protecting your POS from outside theft, you should also make sure that there are safeguards in place to detect employee theft. This could be a limit of voids, no sales and coupon value limits. While you hope that your employees are not stealing from you, these safeguards can stop your employees from giving away free items.

3. Training

Once you have a POS in place, you need to train your employees how to use it properly. However, you need to keep training your whole staff to make sure that all your employees know how to fully use the system. Managers can offer training for individual employees during their shifts to make sure that everyone knows how to correctly use the system.

4. Not Have Guidelines for Mobile POS Singapore

There are many types of POS software on the market that can be installed on mobile devices like tablets and even smartphones. These mobile POS systems make it easy for employees to move around and make sales.

These systems are most times used at restaurants because it cuts down on the time it takes to place an order. However, you need to make sure that your staff understands how to use these mobile devices. You should also make sure that your staff can use them correctly.

A POS system can help a business improve sales and cut down on human errors when implemented correctly. However, it can also cause confusion and slow down sales if not used properly.

Change the Way Your Business Operates With Retail POS

All retail stores need a functional computing system in order to manage orders and stock items. If your store doesnt use a POS system, then it is highly likely to engage into many mistakes, double orders or missing items. If you want to own or manage a successful store, then you have to organize your workload and be able to serve every customers need in a quick and efficient way. Konverge POS in retail is the best way to deliver and order your preferred products and retain your popularity among other stores.

A self service kiosk can help to serve some of the retail needs of a store.

POS Functions for retail

Whether you own a single store or a chain-store, this system will make its whole operation a piece of cake. With this amazing POS, you can easily handle multi-pricing, change your discounts or your promotions. If you have never used a POS system before, you will find it very easy to learn, and very difficult to leave behind.

With this system, you can track down former transactions in just a few seconds and complete any return or refund, without having to spend half an hour in one single customer. Another great feature is that you always have a precise ideal of your stock. For every new stock movement, the whole system is automatically updated. Therefore, you can avoid many mistakes on the counting process. For every store manager, this POS is the ultimate tool.

Online Appearance

No matter how successful your physical store is, you always have to look for the best online appearance as well. Along with your POS, you can make sure shopping continues even when your stores are closed. Use this updated system in order to direct some targeted traffic to your website and enhance your sales. Improve your online ranking and get to the top first results on the search. This POS costs less and offers you amazing opportunities. In case you already use a similar type of system, then it is time to update it and change to Konverge POS.

Inventory Accuracy

With this POS system, you can have complete accuracy in terms of inventory and stored items. Many stores have difficulty in keeping track of their products, especially their stock items. When you dont know exactly what you have, it is impossible to make a new sale based on this stock. With the POS system, you can keep track of all your products and promote them accordingly. Use them to your online shop and empty your warehouse from all available products.

This new POS will minimize your need for additional employees and save you a significant amount of money. No more additional working hours and heavy work load. This advanced system will do everything for you so that you can concentrate on your job and be more efficient in it.

Merits of Cloud ERP

Before choosing a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, one of the most important things for you to decide is whether you should go for an on-premise ERP or a cloud ERP.

In recent year, a cloud-based ERP system has become quite popular. This is especially true for midsize and small businesses. The key difference between these two forms of ERP solutions is the manner in which they get deployed. An on-premise solution has to be installed on the servers and the computers of a company locally. On the other hand, a cloud-base ERP system is deployed on the servers of the vendor and is accessed via a web browser. “Hybrid” deployments are also offered by some vendors where a cloud ERP system is deployed on the private servers of an organization.

Improved Security

Businesses need not worry about the security of their ERP accounting software as it is the vendor who is responsible for data security. A cloud-based ERP assures of enhanced security as vendors update them continuously as a consequence of less customization. There was a time though when many people thought that storing sensitive data through cloud was a threat against their data security. But they soon started realizing how the vendors of a cloud-based ERP could actually offer a secure environment in a majority of cases.

Higher scalability

The early adaptors of the cloud-based ERP solutions realized that it is a simple task to scale services whole subscribed to the cloud to meet the requirements. When you find growth in your business, it is very easy to just increase the size of your license. This is also true when the case is reversed. When you need to downsize your business or your firm is a seasonal one, you have an easy choice of lowering the license size so that your current requirements are met.

Unlimited support

Since the hardware and software ownership is maintained your Enterprise Resource Planning vendor, you can be assured of getting 24 hour support from them. Contradictory to on-premise deployment where the customers may have to buy support packages at times, vendors of cloud-based ERP solutions usually offer this service as a component of their agreement including software upgrades.

Easy to use, stable, up front and cheaper

  • Costs are predictable over a period of time.
  • No extra investments are required for installing hardware such as server infrastructure
  • Upfront investment is cheaper
  • It is easy for an organization to work closely with its vendor to find out if any changes are needed to be made.


A cloud-based ERP solution takes less time to deploy as compared to an on-premise solution

Utility of e-menu system

Digital media is the major component of the digital space. Very simply put, digital media is the media that are electronic and encoded in such a manner that they are mostly in a machine-readable format. Digital media is created, edited, read and viewed through electronic devices. As contrasted to print media, digital media is easier to preserve. Digitalization is soon taking over the publishing industry, as everything that was analog or print like newspapers and bulletins are rapidly being replaced with digital alternatives.

Digital marketing has created a huge buzz in the recent past. To define digital marketing, one can say it is marketing of products and services using the electronic medium. Digital marketing is done through phones, laptops, computers, tablets and any electronic device. In digital marketing too e menu plays a vital role. Over the past few decades digital marketing has made progress with leaps and bounds. Even in digital marketing e menu system is used to cause visual enhancement to the page where a product is advertised.

E-commerce is buying products and services using the internet. Electronic commerce is very highly dependent on technology. Online shopping of goods is the most common form of e-commerce. Online shopping has become the part and parcel of modern day urban society. From clothes to grocery to even daily services, everything is just a click away. Due to the lack of time, online shopping is very rapidly replacing shopping. Retail is slowly moving from market places to the desktops, laptops and even our mobile phones. Every item that we wish to buy is displayed to us on our mobile or computer screen.

E-menu system:

In order to choose our products it is very important that the items are displayed in a well-organized manner in the computer, laptop, mobile or tablet’s screen. This digital display of items is called the e menu system. For any kind of online shopping, e menu is mandatory. Without an electronic menu where items are displayed in a proper manner, it is not possible to able to choose the correct item

Often these web designers innovate with these e menu options to add a new flavor to the shopping site. The shopping sites constantly revamp the look of their menu options and often add new items to their menu to make the customer’s shopping experience enjoyable and interesting. In this way they build a reputation for themselves that fetch them more customers. Thus e menu system is an intrinsic part of the e-commerce business.

Do You Want To Master The Advanced Excel In 3 Days – This Is For You

Microsoft Excel has become an essential software program in the today’s workplace. The increasing usage of the program is creating a requirement to learn this software program across the globe by many employees. Also, most of the companies today making it a must-learn tool for getting hired. It is not that only business and people at workplace are using this software for performing various functional related tasks but also depends on the support of Microsoft Excel in making decisions related to analysing a business.

Why learn it?

The process of learning is a never ending procedure in the entire tenure of working cycle. In the demands that are made by the profession one is in, it is always a good choice of learning the new things at every phase of the profession. This not only helps in keeping the job secured but also helps in growing and making wise choices required for the career. Getting a certification in the Advanced Excel Training can actually help boosting the career and can make a path for the success. With the smartest formulas became the Excel smart and advanced that can keep the data on the finger tips and play with it.

Course Overview

The advanced excel training program is a 3 day duration program that starts from 9 in the morning and completes at 6 in the evening. The course fee depends on the course module, version and pace. For example if a learner opted for the learning of Advanced Excel in a normal pace which is 3 days the Nett course fee needed to be paid is $535. The course is designed in 13 modules.

Each module helps in learning new concepts that helps moving from the basic and intermediate skills to gaining advanced conceptual knowledge. Funding is also available for learners and can be opted as per the eligibility. The funding is segmented as citizens of Singapore whose age is more than 40, more than 35 and earning less than $1900 per month, SME and Permanent resident.

Course modules

The module starts by concentrating on formatting with the usage of customs and conditions, and then helps on how to use a template. The ability to work on databases and advanced filters helps in revising various features to chart the data. After this the sessions will be taken on audit tools as well as the range names with which to export and import data becomes easy. After this session more usage of tools which advanced are introduced with real scenarios and problems. The last four modules help on protecting the worksheet, merging as well as tracking the workbooks, macros recording and finally the comments.

Tips in Choosing Part Time Degree Courses in Singapore


Part time degree courses in Singapore is the solution for the working students who are working and at the same time studying. This is one of helpful ways for working adults who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge having higher qualifications. Most of the part time courses offer courses that are conducted in a mode of part time for the students to have their degree qualifications that would be recognized globally. This would make them to be in the level of those who graduated from full time degree courses. Different options are there for the students to choose from different educational institutions.

It is important to know that it is a good choice for combining the study and work because it can greatly influence the future. Part time degree courses in Singapore allows the students to seek for jobs due to the fact that part time degree courses are flexible which would not affect their studies. The students are given the chance to choose form the different programmes such as master and bachelor degree courses, diplomas, and certificates. Most of the classes are held during weekends and evenings in order to minimize the disruptions in the job.

Here are some of the tips that can be used in choosing the right part time degree courses in Singapore:

  1. Think first your reason for studying. This is the most important thing to be considered in order to remain motivated and focus on your studies. There are several reasons for studying such as extending the skills that you have, change the career path, or looking for knowledge that is needed in the work.
  2. Know the time frame of the study. Most of the part time courses are short term courses but there are also courses that are longer than the usual. Knowing the time frame for the study would help the student know which type of course is suited in their interest.
  3. Decide on the ways on how the study would be conducted. Part time degree courses in Singapore can either be in a research or taught. You can choose which one is convenient for you and would not affect your personal matters.
  4. Know what the entry requirements are. All of the courses that are offered have entry requirements. After deciding the course you want to enroll in, it is now the time to know the needed requirements to pursue your studies.
  5. Think about your employability. This is needed especially for working students in order for them to be guided on how to balance their time with their work and study to avoid conflicts that may arise.

Part time degree courses in Singapore is considered to be the reason why there are lots of them who are able to become productive in their work because they were given the chance to study to gain the needed skills in their work. Education is the main key for a certain country to become progressive and it is evident in Singapore because of the part time degree courses that are offered for the betterment of the quality education and to produce quality graduates.

Mechatronics Engineering: A New Approach in Engineering


Basically, mechatronics is a systematic degree in engineering where two basic discipline in engineering (mechanical and electronics) are combined in creating a new approach to product design and development. Mechatronics emerged because engineering experts have seen the potential of merging some principles of traditional electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering into one advanced discipline.

Nowadays, several of countries worldwide offer this degree in engineering to universities and colleges. While mechanical and electrical can work effectively on its own, mechatronics heightens the efficiency of solutions to control and programming throughout the whole of design process. In order to successfully master the entire design process, experts in mechatronics should obtain general knowledge and several techniques.

Mechatronics is a common market in technological advances today. We are all familiar with mechatronics because they are everywhere. Smart devices such as robots, anti-lock brakes, photocopiers, computer disk drives and clothes are just a few of its products. Mechatronic devices work mostly in areas like in surgery and medicine, buildings, automobiles, agriculture and many more.

This degree in engineering offers an extensive training in the field of robotics, product design and automation engineering. Student under the program of mechatronics study the fundamental of mechanical design electronics and practical software engineering in order to create real life solutions to any manufacturing-related problems. The curriculum of mechatronics engineering encompasses practices in maintenance, operations, installation, testing, management, research and development and many more. Mechatronics involves a broad field of study that includes basic and essential mathematical and scientific approaches.

Generally, if you are a mechatronic engineering graduate, you are most likely to work with computer control systems and electronic instrumentations, which are the foundation of efficient and reliable machinery operations. Mechatronic engineers play a crucial role in building and designing automatic systems in monitoring processes in almost all mechanical and electronic procedures. They should have the expertise in computing and essential mechanical engineering knowledge in order to bring out the ability of the systems in working together to meet the desired product or effect.

Most people who deal with this degree in engineering are into project engineering and power engineering. Theses field, they work with both mechanical and electrical systems in solving cross-disciplinary problems. They are good at both fields since they have inherent strength in IT, computer hardware and networking. Aside from these jobs, mechatronic engineers also specialize in writing and testing software in making computers work more efficiently.

Just like other engineers, mechatronic engineers also undergo extensive working condition that test their ability and expertise of the job. Their work requires technical coordination, teaching skills, persuasion and negotiation in a technical context and conscientious collaboration with other people even those without the organizational authority.

Today, mechatronics makes a significant part in the development of society, education and modern approaches. The foundation of mechatronics cover many disciplines that powers not only humanization of machines but at the same, changes the approaches to technological issues leading to new and advanced innovations of devices and machines. This degree in engineering will go a long way in improving the lives of humankind.