Automatic Number Plate Recognition – The Latest in Artificial Intelligence Technology

Every vehicle in this world is identified by a unique number plate, along with an engine number and a chassis number. The registration of the said vehicle is mandatory in almost all countries across the world, with the governing authority issuing number plates, while the chassis number and engine number is provided by the manufacturer. For common people as well as law enforcement agencies across the world, the easiest way to identify a vehicle is through its number plate.

The use of automatic number plate recognition can provide multiple benefits to organizations that seek to provide an automated process of managing vehicles. Given below are some of the unique uses for this technology that has the potential to transform automotive safety and security.

Law Enforcement – Number plate recognition technology can be one of the most beneficial for law enforcement agencies worldwide. It provides an automated tracking of vehicles plying the street, and can swiftly find out the details of vehicles causing infractions and other offences. Moreover, with the use of automation, lesser number of traffic policemen can be deployed, and resources used elsewhere to maintain law and order.

Fleet Management – A large number of organizations, from taxi companies to schools have their own fleet of vehicles. Number plate recognition technology can help these organizations manage their fleet easily. The system can track vehicles moving in and out of their respective depot, with the date and time of their movement being stored in a single database. This data can be used for a variety of purposes – from inventory management of vehicles, to utilization reporting, to route management.

Security – A lot of places require greater security for vehicles moving in and out of the premises together with the iris recognition system for private usage . These places can be anything from residential complexes to shopping malls to office buildings. The technology helps to identify vehicles that have entered into the premises, or are going out of the premises. This data can be further used for a large number of uses. For residential complexes, it can be used to know the details of the vehicles for policing purposes in case of criminal and other nefarious activities. For office complexes and commercial establishments, it can be used to track the available parking space, as well as create smoother parking area inventory management to ensure that customers can easily park their vehicles and leave the premises.

Logistics – A large number of logistics organizations operate on a dual basis. They maintain their own fleet of vehicles, as well as hire third-party vehicles and vehicle operators to provide them with services. Number plate recognition can revolutionize how vehicles are being utilized, with accurate tracking of first-party and third-party vehicles, as well as management of their invoices in an automatic fashion, without the need for human intervention.

With a large number of systems being automated to ease pressure on human-dependent systems, an automated system such as automatic number plate recognition is an important part of the interconnected and data-driven world of the new millennium. With the rise in artificial intelligence and automation, automatic number plate recognition is an important technology that has a lot of promise to deliver efficient and safe management of vehicles worldwide.

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Four Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Implementing a POS in Singapore

Picking the right POSz for your business can be a very difficult task. This could be the reasons why that over 60 percent of single store businesses and restaurants do not have a POS. However, picking a POS system is just the first step, and your business still needs to start using it.

Implementing a POS should be a delicate process. However, most business owners set up the system and do not train their staff to use all of its features. Here are the mistakes to avoid when you are implementing a POS system.

1. Not Engaging With Staff at the Start of Selection Process

The success of a POS starts before the software is selected; for instance, if the software meets the needs of your employees. You should take the time to sit down with all your employees and ask them what they think needs to be improved. These pain points should be used to create a list of needs for the POS software.

2. Not Having Security Measures Set up at the Beginning

For many business owners, having the POS in place is the most important part of the process. However, this focus can leave holes in your systems security, which could cause you a lot of money in the long run. Security measures like what information is stored and for how long should be set before your employees start using the system.

Along with protecting your POS from outside theft, you should also make sure that there are safeguards in place to detect employee theft. This could be a limit of voids, no sales and coupon value limits. While you hope that your employees are not stealing from you, these safeguards can stop your employees from giving away free items.

3. Training

Once you have a POS in place, you need to train your employees how to use it properly. However, you need to keep training your whole staff to make sure that all your employees know how to fully use the system. Managers can offer training for individual employees during their shifts to make sure that everyone knows how to correctly use the system.

4. Not Have Guidelines for Mobile POS Singapore

There are many types of POS software on the market that can be installed on mobile devices like tablets and even smartphones. These mobile POS systems make it easy for employees to move around and make sales.

These systems are most times used at restaurants because it cuts down on the time it takes to place an order. However, you need to make sure that your staff understands how to use these mobile devices. You should also make sure that your staff can use them correctly.

A POS system can help a business improve sales and cut down on human errors when implemented correctly. However, it can also cause confusion and slow down sales if not used properly.

Change the Way Your Business Operates With Retail POS

All retail stores need a functional computing system in order to manage orders and stock items. If your store doesnt use a POS system, then it is highly likely to engage into many mistakes, double orders or missing items. If you want to own or manage a successful store, then you have to organize your workload and be able to serve every customers need in a quick and efficient way. Konverge POS in retail is the best way to deliver and order your preferred products and retain your popularity among other stores.

A self service kiosk can help to serve some of the retail needs of a store.

POS Functions for retail

Whether you own a single store or a chain-store, this system will make its whole operation a piece of cake. With this amazing POS, you can easily handle multi-pricing, change your discounts or your promotions. If you have never used a POS system before, you will find it very easy to learn, and very difficult to leave behind.

With this system, you can track down former transactions in just a few seconds and complete any return or refund, without having to spend half an hour in one single customer. Another great feature is that you always have a precise ideal of your stock. For every new stock movement, the whole system is automatically updated. Therefore, you can avoid many mistakes on the counting process. For every store manager, this POS is the ultimate tool.

Online Appearance

No matter how successful your physical store is, you always have to look for the best online appearance as well. Along with your POS, you can make sure shopping continues even when your stores are closed. Use this updated system in order to direct some targeted traffic to your website and enhance your sales. Improve your online ranking and get to the top first results on the search. This POS costs less and offers you amazing opportunities. In case you already use a similar type of system, then it is time to update it and change to Konverge POS.

Inventory Accuracy

With this POS system, you can have complete accuracy in terms of inventory and stored items. Many stores have difficulty in keeping track of their products, especially their stock items. When you dont know exactly what you have, it is impossible to make a new sale based on this stock. With the POS system, you can keep track of all your products and promote them accordingly. Use them to your online shop and empty your warehouse from all available products.

This new POS will minimize your need for additional employees and save you a significant amount of money. No more additional working hours and heavy work load. This advanced system will do everything for you so that you can concentrate on your job and be more efficient in it.